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Monday, December 24, 2007

Boosterin' the TARDIS

Deedle-dee-dum deedle-dee-dum deedle-dee-dum dum dum dada dum...WOOWEEWOOOOOOOO...

If you'll forgive the brief musical interlude, I have something... fantastic to show you.

I was perusing the old episodes of Justice League Unlimited this morning, killing time and fulfilling my Booster Gold craving until #6 comes out by re-watching the Booster Gold episode (The Greatest Story Never Told), when I noticed a familiar shape making an appearance - a cameo that would rival the epic partnership of chocolate and peanut butter.

Gentlemen, BEHOLD:

Hey, haven't we seen that blue box somewhere before? And I think I may remember seeing it heading into that kind of swirly, vortex-like effect before, too... but where?

(photo unrepentantly swiped from )

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