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Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Affinity for the Dead

Howdy, folks - I apologize for the lack of any substantial posts in the last little while, I've had an avalanche of new projects, Christmassy-things, and - fine, I admit it - apathy, all hit since the beginning of December.

Let's begin today's post with a hypothetical question, a question of philosophy, if you will. If you were to encounter this :

Your reaction would be most similar to:

A - Jesus-fuck, it's a demon.
B - Hey! I saw him wrestle in Memphis back in the eighties.
C - Mom?

or D -

D - I'd hit that.

What are you guys, Tim Burton? She has a skull for a face. Also, her tights appear to be burning with an ethereal flame. You do not "hey, baby" that, you run from it. This is why the DC universe needs superheroes - everybody else would have gone extinct if it were otherwise.

Plus, I mean, come on - she's obviously out of your league.

(source: Action Comics #595, reprinted for your convenience in Superman in the Eighties. Superman dies in this one! Not a hoax!* Not an imaginary story!)

(*totally a hoax.)

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At 23/12/07 1:41 PM , Blogger Siskoid said...

There's no telling what John Byrne thought was attractive. Remember Invisible Woman's mullet?


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