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Friday, August 17, 2007

Booster Gold: 52 Pick-Up

Hiya, sportsfans! Man, it has been a while. But who gives a shit about irresponsibility when you've got comics? COMICS!

I've just read the first issue of the new "Booster Gold" series. In a moment of wit that must have had the DC bullpen howling on the floor in riotous laughter, they've called it "52 Pick-up," and since it's going to be time-travel-heavy, spinning off from Booster Gold's romp through 52 with Rip and psycho-Skeets, there are plenty of little goodies for the obsessive to sniff out amongst the pages that point toward DC's next big "event." Since I don't think I'm really all that good when it comes to providing synopses (synopsises... synopsi?), I'll sum up for the folks in the back who ain't afraid a no spoilers: Booster Gold re-teams with burly time-traveller Rip Hunter in order to stop someone (mystery!) from going into the past of the world's greatest superheroes and rewriting history. Now, Booster is trying to build a reputation as someone who's not a complete joke and/or screw-up, so, at first, he declines Rip's enticing offer of giving up his dream of joining the Justice League (the real one, with Superman even!) and having to be remembered by history as being a total dick. Will he change his mind and help save the world's greatest heroes? (suspense!)

You bet your ass he does. (relief?)

Hey! Look at that cover! Is that The Question? Will we be seeing a remarkable return from the hereafter for investigative reporter, Vic Sage? I really fucking hope so.

Here's a few highlights:

You see that panel, and it's nice little red circle I highlighted for you with my 1337 photoshop-skillz?
Twenty bucks says Batman totally just put a little bat-shaped tracker on Booster Gold. Wouldn't you?

Rip Hunter, master of making bullshit look like science:
I can say with confidence that if my Physics class had dealt with this stuff, I probably wouldn't still harbor the fantasy of strangling Niels Bohr.

And while I'm sure Rip Hunter's blackboards are just chalk-full of viral-marketing-like-J.J. Abrams-internet-bullshit - err, clues, there's really only one piece of childish writing that most of the comics blogging community need point their peepers toward:

Don't worry, Rip - I think they're already on top of that one.

And, lastly, here it is: my moment of pure, distilled joy for this week:

Blue Beetles! All of them! Hooray!

Booster Gold: 52 Pick-Up #1? Recommended! You go buy now!

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