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Saturday, July 28, 2007

SLUSHO Is Still People

As the notorious Anonymous has just informed me,

At 28/7/07 3:05 AM , Anonymous said...

Slusho! is people? You wrote this on the 10th, yet as far as I know this quote did not appear on the Slusho site until very recently... where did you get it from?

I just may be in cahoots with ol' J.J.

But cereal, folks: I don't know what J.J.'s tryin' to pull, because I only used the "SLUSHO Is People" gag to reference, in my nerdly way, the Charlton Heston classic Soylent Green. Which, if you've never seen it before, I guess I may have just spoiled the ending for you. Sorry.

Well, now I'm clearly curious again. Mr. Abrams may have just lured me back to figuring out all this 1-18-08 bullshit. Well played, Mr. Abrams. Well played.

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