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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SLUSHO Is People!

You know what? I'm out.

Says here that the Ethan Haas site (sites?) is apparently not affiliated with Abrams' production...or it is, and this is J.J.'s way of spreading misinformation...or it is, but it's the studio that's doing it, and they haven't told Abrams, so he doesn't know anything about it...or something.

So I've decided to opt out of playing the guessing game. I'm not calling it stupid or a waste of time, because, hey, it might be fun for some people to try to get "in on it," and it's definitely spurring interest in this movie - if it's even that. I'm just not interested enough in something I know nothing about to go scavenging around the 'net for any strange sites that might have the slightest stamp of an "Abram-ism."

Of course, this could all be some kind of passively aggressive way for me to express my disappointment that CLOVERFIELDs was indeed not a code-name for "Star Trek" (I still believe! I believe!). Regardless of my motives, I will try my damndest to refrain from getting sucked into J.J. Abrams' little mind-games. I will resist!


CHUD has a neat little article about viral marketing's problems.

Also, check it out: the SLUSHO site is Japanese. Quick - I want you to name as many Japanese pop-cultural icons that deal with the apocalypse as quickly as you can, so that the rumors can spin way the fuck off-base. The more we guess, the higher the odds will be that we'll be right.

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At 28/7/07 3:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slusho! is people? You wrote this on the 10th, yet as far as I know this quote did not appear on the Slusho site until very recently... where did you get it from?


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