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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reactions to the Season Finale of Doctor Who


Yay for continuity! I guess...

What? WHAT? You're going to "deus ex machina" this bitch? But...I mean...but...!?

...and press the "reset button!?" But...COME ON! Oh, for crap's sake, Davies!

"The Face of Boe they called me..."

Oh, BULLSHIT they did, Jack! No, that's just bullshit!


That's it, I'm out.


Okay, so I think I was wrong about the whole "Cloverfield" is code for "Star Trek" idea, but almost-baseless speculation is a family tradition over here, so I've got a Doctor Who related tingling in my spider-sense: [be forewarned, for thar be spoilers a'ead]

The end of "Last of the Time Lords" shows (somewhat regrettably) the bow of a boat smashing through the walls of the TARDIS. (the hell?) A life preserver is cast off from the boat, and when our friendly neighbourhood Time Lord examines it, it has (ba-bada-ba) "Titanic" stenciled onto it. Now, if you'll recall, (and if you're any sort of real Who fan, you will recall) the Ninth Doctor (*sigh* Christopher Eccleston*sigh*) could be seen in Southampton accompanying a family who were due to sail on the Titanic in a photograph in the series' pilot episode, "Rose." (awww.) In the next episode, "The End of the World," good old Niner actually relates an adventure he had on a boat where he ended up "clinging to an iceberg," a sure give-away that he was on theTitanic. So - Ninth Doctor was on the Titanic, and the Tenth Doctor looks like he's just about to join him. I bet you know what I'm thinking: "The Two Doctors." Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, together at last! It's an idea that makes mgiggle in anticipation. Gawd, I hope it's true.

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