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Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Plain, Simple Foom

Tonight on Friday Night Fights:

Just a nice, simple, Speedball-delivered FOOM. (from Speedball: The Masked Marvel #7)

More fooms, fangs, and even fings are delivered to you hot and fresh every Friday night, care of Bahlactus.

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At 1/3/08 8:41 AM , Blogger CaptainAverage said...

Why?Why must you hurt me so?

At 1/3/08 11:32 AM , Blogger BlackmarketPies said...

And I haven't even gotten to his appearances in "New Warriors."

At 2/3/08 5:55 AM , Blogger CaptainAverage said...

Ah,em,fine then.I'll just be sitting over in the corner banging my head with a frying pan until I see the little birdies,and can't remember who Speedblow is.


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