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Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Night Fights: We Need an Exorcist...

...because Reagan's posessed!

But we all know that the DCU has a dreadfully soft spot for the Gipper, so they'd never really let anything happen to him. And since it's almost Halloween, who better to stop Evil Reagan than the Phantom Stranger...

...and Reagan himself!?

Take that, Commie scum!

Who're you voting for, Bahlactus?

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At 27/10/07 1:15 AM , Blogger Tim said...

Is that Mike Mignola? Drawing the Phantom Stranger? Details, please?

At 27/10/07 3:24 AM , Blogger BlackmarketPies said...

Sorry, this is #3 of the four-issue The Phantom Stranger mini-series from 1987, and it is, indeed, Mignola on the pencils for this one. It isn't available in a trade, either, as far as I know.


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