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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Whale Song

The busy has kept me from writing on the blog as of late, but when the things inside of your head start to go "click-click-click," it is rather difficult to stop yourself from telling people about it.

Therefore, CLOVERFIELDS. Again.

AICN reports up there on a bunch of baseless rumors that keep flooding their inboxes, and if there's anything that Ain't It Cool News enjoys, it's meaningless speculation . Or it's desperate naivete.

Despite the utter unreliability and clear marketing arrangement that produces AICN's little tidbits of "news," I am experiencing a wave of apophenia: the mention of Whales, the sound file of the roar, the "Beast From 20,000 Fathoms," and the only officially recognized "CLOVERFIELDS" site's Japanese nature makes me keep thinking of Godzilla. Why?

Godzilla was called "Gojira" in the Japanese original, which, according to some sources, was derived from the nick-name of a worker at the studio, "Gorilla Whale." Who this worker was, or if he even existed, has never been been confirmed.

Godzilla also began life, in the pre-production phase, as an unabashed knock-off of the successful American film, "The Beast From 20,00 Fathoms." The producer even went as far as to give the film a name containing "20,000" in it's name. This, as well as the "Gorilla Whale" story, can be checked in William M. Tsutsui's "Godzilla on My Mind."

Then there's the "Japanese" site, of course.

Is it Godzilla? Could be. It could explain why the films' been kept secret like this: the last time a film depicted Godzilla attacking New York, results were... well, somewhat less than expected.

Of course, the connections that I make are rather limtied: in my life, I may have only seen a good five live-action Japanese films. Out of those, I've seen maybe three of them all the way through. The Japanese link could be much deeper than what my experiences can tell me, so if I were, you I wouldn't trust a goddamn word out of my idiot mouth. Like any good redneck-witness to a catastrophe, I just wanted to tell you what I saw, even if I'm the only one who happened to see that cow get turned inside out by the government/alien agents.

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