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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Slapstick Cometh

Coming this Monday...

If you loved my focus on Speedball...

You'll absolutely kill yourself over...


It's, uh, funnier than it looks. Really.

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At 22/3/08 9:37 AM , Blogger CaptainAverage said...

And then,in the distance, a ray of hope...ANYthing is better than Speedblow, but a hero who's a LoonyTune? Sign me up!

At 22/3/08 10:25 AM , Blogger Bill S. said...

That's kinda scary!

At 23/3/08 11:29 PM , Blogger Stephen said...

oooh i love slapstick. one of the first comics i ever picked up. i think it was called slapstick versus overkill


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