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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Return

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I am back! After who knows how long spent away from the comforting glow of the interweb, I return to its gentle caresses, more in need of money and time than ever. Of course, I couldn't make my comeback fight on just any old night... it's gotta be during the main event, the Friday Night Fights, squaring off against the two-fisted sure bet that is Bahlactus!

And tonight we're outsourcing the concussions straight from the Great White North, with the knock-out punch from Captain Canuck #3, which burst groin-kickenly onto the scene wayback in '75, providing definitive proof that the Mounties were in on the conspiracy from the very beginning:

(you're gonna want to click that and make it bigger)
But, what conspiracy? And who the hell is Captain Canuck, exactly? Good questions, my friends. And they will all be answered, because next week? Next week is his week:

Starting Monday, be prepared for 7 full Strangely-Brew'd days of the other Captain, Captain Canuck! Think you can handle the greatest hero of the middle power, Bahlactus?

Prove it.

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