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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top Five Reasons Why "All New Atom" Should Not Be Canceled

1 - Gail Simone's not dead. She could still come back and write it - if we asked nicely enough.

2 - Head Have Not Have Conquered English Into Submission.

3 - What else are the "Lighter Than Air Society" going to do with their time?

4 - This comic used to be pure, concentrated fun. Where am I supposed to get that now that Rogers is leaving Blue Beetle? Wonder Woman?

5 - It hasn't even been around long enough to lose the "All New" part of its name.

Don't get the references? Then pick up the All-New Atom TPB's, and show DC how greatly we all want more Head.

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At 18/4/08 12:14 AM , Blogger Ford MF said...

They need to bring in a new writer, FAST. I already stopped reading after this new guy's first, execrable issue. What a clunker.

I also have to admit I don't really understand readers who are loyal to characters rather than writers. In any other literary medium that would seem like mental retardation. I'll read whatever Gail Simone writes, but I'll stop caring about those titles INSTANTLY when/if they replace her with some no-name or hack.

At 18/4/08 12:48 AM , Blogger BlackmarketPies said...

Absolutely - the first issue after Simone skips town and suddenly we've lost everything that made "Atom" worth reading. Why is it so serious? Even when Ryan Choi encountered life-threatening situations in previous issues, there was still a sense of fun about the whole thing - like getting roasted alive on a George-Foreman-type grill. That was awesome. Even if they can't have Simone continue to write "Atom," they should at least get someone who understands what she was doing with it.

At 18/4/08 9:24 AM , Blogger Matthew said...

RyanChoi have not make money!

I'll be sad to see this one go, but like you I've been less than impressed by the first two issues from the new team. Which is bizarre, really, because I really enjoyed Remender's Fear Agent.

At 18/4/08 1:09 PM , Blogger Stephen said...

remender is weak


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