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Friday, January 18, 2008

Speedball vs. Committment

You know what? Let's make next week Speedball week. I've been sitting on these issues of Speedball: The Masked Marvel, and the plan was to take all of my Friday Night Fights entries from the scant material available in the 10 issues of that series. But I think Robbie Baldwin deserves a look back at what he was before hurricane Quesada swept through and turned him into this:

But you shouldn't worry about Penance sticking around for too much longer, Speedball fans. After all, Robbie Baldwin had already tried something similar to this way back in Speedball: The Masked Marvel #9, and it was met with - well, limited success:

"...and maybe I'll get some piercings! Yeah! And a tattoo! That'll show 'em! Oh man, they are gonna totally wish they never blamed me for Stamford!"

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